Rack Servers


INDO RACK – Wallmount Rack 15U WIR7015S

Indo Rack 15U WIR7015S Indorack Wallmount Rack 15 U, Depth 700 mm Wall Mount Included Accessories : -1Unit single Fan 220V -1Unit Horizontal Powerset 6 outlet with switch -Glass front… Read more »


INDO RACK – Close Rack 20U IR9020G

Indo Rack 20U IR9020G Indorack Close Rack 20 U, Depth 900 mm Close Rack Included Accessories : -front door, steel rear door, 2side door with lock -1unit 6 outlet powerset… Read more »


NIRAX NRW 5015C – Wallmount Rack

Nirax NRW 5015 C 19″ 15U    Nirax Wallmount Rack 15 U, Depth 500 mm Complete with: 1 pc horizontal power 8 Outlet, 1 pc fan, 20 pcs cagenut – screw, 4… Read more »



Nirax Open Rack 40U Complete with : 1 pc horizontal power 8 Outlet, 1 pc Shelf Plate, 20 pcs cagenut – screw  


NIRAX NR 11042 – Close Rack (19″ 42U)

Nirax NR 11042 19″ 42U  Nirax Rack Close rack with 1.100 mm Depth & 42 RU High   Complete With: Side Cover, Back Metal Door, Tempered Glass Front Door with Swinghandle&… Read more »


ASTERIX – Wallmounted Rack (19″ 9U RW19009T)

Asterix 19″ 9U RW19009T Wallmounted Rack 9U depth 550mm, double doors


ASTERIX – Open Rack (19″ 50U RO19050)

Asterix  19″ 50U RO19050 Open Rack 50U


Asterix-Close Rack (19″ 42U RF19042-09)

Spesifikasi : N19″ BASIC RACK 42U D = 900MM C/W TEMPERED & PANEL.


IBM-Close Rack Server (42U 93074RX)

Spesifikasi: IBM 42U S2 standard rack Closed Rack Server Dimensi P x L x T : 1999mm X 605mm X 1000mm 93074RX IBM RACK SERVER 42U Depth : 1000mm PxLxT :… Read more »

emerson closed rack

Emerson-Close Rack (Knurr 10250248)

Spesifikasi: F-Series Rack – 42Ux600Wx1200D without Side Panels, Black.